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Pearls & Swine - Beautiful Boutique Feature

This Beautiful Boutique feature has me VERY excited, Pearls & Swine's amazing headwear is simply some of the coolest, funnest stuff I've ever seen!

Pearls & Swine are a unique, avant garde, funtastic 'design emporium' run by West Yorkshire based milliner Bink - the owner, creator, designer, packager, blogger and tea maker - in her own words she is
'I am everything "Pearls & Swine" that you see and
everything you don't!'

  Pearls & Swine specialises in unique, haute couture millinery: hats, half masks, fascinators and avant-garde hair accessories for people who really want to get noticed.

Click on any image for more information on that piece.

Now I first came across Pearls & Swine on pinterest, when I was randomly looking at all things flamingo related...(You may not know this about me yet but... I have a flamingo obsession.) and I came across one of the most ingenious, beautiful and happy headdresses I have ever seen;

Look at this thing!! How could you not be happy wearing it??

 Bink herself describes it as
'holiday scene on a fascinator, includes a pink feathered flamingo, blue glitter sea and a coconut tree. This fascinator is back with leopard print satin and attaches to your hair with a comb.'
... so it has secret leopard print! As do many of her pieces! How amazing! (I also have a leopard print obsession...)

And from there I found Pearls & Swine.

Pearls & Swine is perfect for those seeking something a bit different, bridal hair accessories, quirky Royal Ascot Ladies Day hats, Mother of the Bride headpieces,
Proms, any occasion which requires something fabulous on your head.

Here is a small selection of my favorite pieces ( seriously, I could have featured every single glittery thing on the site!) I have arranged them into groups as how I could see wearing them, but really if I could get away with wearing ANY of these ANY day I would do it!

More traditional and bridal pieces;

Very romantic large double white rose on a heart shaped base with bird cage veiling. This can be made in other colours apon request.

I love this - I can just imagine it in pale pale pink :)

Fabulous iridescent glitter wing fascinator edged with sequin, feather detailing done in rainbow crystals. Hand molded and packed with ivory satin, attaches to the hair with a comb.
''Desert Rose''

Ivory rose and net sprinkled in pearl sequin fascinator, ideal for a bride! Attaches to the hair with a comb


Darling little gold metal crown, decorated in pearls and crystals. Attaches with a comb and hat elastic.


Pretty and floral - would be beautiful for bridesmaids!


''Pink Waterlily Butterfly Fascinator''

Pink lily pad fascinator, decorated with a printed butterfly which is hand backed with leopard print satin, green fringe beading and sprinkled in green crystals.
''Romantic Flower Bird Headdress''

Vintage inspired romantic flower headdress in muted pinks, with little kissing birds and brown leaves decorated in brown glitter. The base is backed with leopard print and attaches with a comb and hat elastic.
So beautiful!!

''Yellow Rose Bees Hair Clip Corsage''

Very sweet large yellow rose hair clip that doubles as a corsage, decorated with leaves and bees. It is set on a yellow heart base with a yellow hair clip with a brooch back too.

I really love this! I love the little bees!

''Large Pink Rosebud Headband'
Romantic large pink rosebuds on a wide pink PVC headband with black net sprinkled in black sequin. Perfect for long or short hair.

''Blue Butterfly Veil Fascinator''
Turquoise blue hand glittered fascinator base, decorated with a butterfly its printed, wired and backed with leopard print satin. Blue veil sprinkled with blue crystals, the fascinator is backed with leopard print satin and attaches to the hair with a comb.
Ross' mum would love this - she adores butterflies, but I can't see her being brave enough!

Total showstoppers - perfect for rehearsal dinner or reception!

''Red Glitter Dali-esque Veil Fascinator''

Glittered scarlet red lips fascinator edged with red sequin, finished with red veiling sprinkled in red crystals.
The fascinator is hand moulded and hand glittered, it attaches to the hair with a comb and is backed with leopard print satin.

How romantic!
''Ice Cream Cone Cherry Headband''

Very realistic ice cream on a cone with decorated with a red glitter cherry, set on a light gold headband.

This has to be one of the cutest, funnest things you've ever seen, right??!

''Tattoo Themed Heart with Banner Fascinator''

Red hand glittered, hand moulded tattoo heart shaped fascinator with a white banner on which you can pick whatever words you like to be written on OR keep it plain. This fascinator is backed with leopard print satin and attaches to the hair with a comb.
Um... how amazing is this??
''Pea & Carrot 4ever'' :D

''Let Them Eat Cake''

Incredibly detailed Marie Antoinette inspired headdress, bedecked with flowers, glittered ships and teacups, cakes and swirls of cream topped with glittered cherries and 100's & 1000's, sweeties, strawberries, a glitter and gem crown, birds and bees. All set on a large curved fascinator base which is backed with leopard print satin. Attaches to your hair with a comb and hat elastic. Deceptively light weight considering the amount of work on it so comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

If I was a Queen... or just a bit braver, I would wear this EVERY DAY.

''Pop Goes the Cherry''

Giant glittered cherry now on a wide RED and WHITE polka dot alice band, dripping with red glitter with a green glittered leaf.
Hand glittered so can be made up in other colours of glitter, just contact Pearls & Swine to ask!
Could be some very tongue-in-cheek fun headwear for the wedding evening! :)

''Sparkly Watermelon Fascinator''

Watermelon sprinkled in black crystals, the rind is glittered green on a glittered green hand molded base which is backed with leopard print satin. Looks pretty from the front and the back, can be worn on either side of head, this attaches to the hair with a comb.

''Love birds''

White fascinator decorated with little white birds kissing and the word "Love" almost invisible but glittering in white sequin. Attaches with a comb.
Easy to wear and perfect for a bride or prom.

I love this one, I can just imagine wearing it for my rehearsal dinner, and every time I could find an excuse to afterwards!

And there is SO much more too, from vintage burlesque inspired pieces to.... ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE!

The range is inspired by everything from vintage elegance to pop surreal madness, all tastes are catered for. Don’t be limited by what you see, and keep checking the site as new creations are added frequently. However, bespoke orders are welcome!
And Bink is just such a star - so friendly and helpful, I'm really looking forward to doing business with her in the future! ;D

Check out the site and all that's on offer by clicking on any of the pics above, or here!

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