Monday, 24 June 2013

Busy bee

Not only have I been very busy with 'work - work' (i.e. my 9-5) and doing some freelance research for my cousin's business, I've also spent weeks and weeks and weeeeeks making these bad boys!

A lovely customer ordered 4 custom wreaths from my Etsy store, all lovely funky colours, totally unique. they are coming along nicely!

What do ya think? :) Lx

Friday, 14 June 2013

I Bought my Dress!!!

Massive news!

My little sister is home from her adventures in Africa so took her to a bridal appointment last Saturday to show her a dress I really loved, while we were there I spotted something else.... something gorgeous and beautiful and wonderful hiding on the rail... MY DRESS.

The dress I like before is forgotten, it doesn't even compare!I tried 'the' dress on and Zara and I couldn't stop smiling.

I always thought the whole 'You'll know when you see it' or 'When you know, you know' thing was a bit of a cliché but maybe not!

I think the truth is, every girl when they hear the words 'wedding dress' they have a certain image in their mind, even subconsciously, and that is 'the one'.

when I imagine a wedding dress or doodle one with out thinking, it's 'my' dress.

I know its early but I really think I know, and Sarah says if I doubt myself she'll tell me I've done the right thing very day until the wedding :)

(I will obviously share more details and pics after the wedding, a long time to wait, but I'm superstitious!)


Monday, 27 May 2013

Recent Ramblings

I've not been much of a good blogger recently, there's been a lot going on and not much of it wedding related!

But here's a little look-see into what we've been up to!

I made these chocolate covered pretzels for my brother Sam for his Birthday a couple of weeks ago (full post coming soon ;) )

 On Friday at lunch time I took a dander from my office to St Georges market, which has a variety market on a Friday, I love to nosey around all the junk and antique stalls, but all I bought was some oranges and some amazing green tapenade!

On Friday night Ross and I had a date night planned, we had been looking forward to seeing The Great Gatsby for like a year so we thought we'd make an evening of it! Ross met me in Belfast after work and we went to Wagamama for dinner - which was epic as always! And then to The Odyssey Cinema to see The Great Gatsby in 3D - it was amazing, we both loved it - highly recommended!

Then on Saturday it was a gorgeous day so we had the tapenade and some other antipasti for lunch in the garden...

... then went for a bike ride round the coast, to indulge in one of my favourite nerdy pastimes... poking around rock pools!

On Sunday morning we headed down to the car boot sale in Bangor for a nosey, and I picked up this little musical jewellery box - I have a little collection of these and I love them SO much! They are 1950's/60's and unbranded which makes them tricky to track down but I have four of them now, all with different scenes.

Get the app here!

So that's what we've been up to recently! More wedding relevant posts coming soon ;)

L x

Friday, 24 May 2013

Hey Stranger!

So so sorry for the lack of posts recently, it isn't because there's been a lack of things happening - it's quite the opposite! I've just been so busy and had a lot going on!

There's been some very sad times and very happy times recently, and my head is all in a whirl.

My Granny Gai passed away a couple of weeks ago after a long awful struggle with dementia and Alzheimer's. She was a wonderful person, and though we were sad that the passed away, in reality we've really been missing her for such a long time and it was no life for her to be living. I'm going to dedicate a post to her very soon.

Lindzi & Granny 1989

We recently had things to celebrate too - my bffs Sarah & Darren celebrated one year until their 'big day' last Friday, and invited Ross and I round for a BBQ and cocktails to celebrate :)

Also my lil' sis Zara is home from over four months away volunteering in Uganda next Tuesday- FINALLY!

Pics to follow ;)

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Ring of posies

Here's a sneak peak of some wreaths new to my etsy store, they were really fun to make and I think they are just beautiful!

What do you think?

L x

Friday, 26 April 2013

Beautiful Boutique Feature - Divine Domestication

Something For The Boys!

Finally, we got a lil' sumin sumin for the fellas! Bow ties!

Amanda, owner and creator of Divine Domestication,was once an attorney, now she's a stay at home mum with three little boys, who still manages to be creative and crafty and run her cute Etsy shop! 

She loves sewing and making beautiful items for her family and home. All of her items are made with love in Minnesota. And she's got some seriously cute items for sale!

Here is a small selection of my favorite bow ties from her store!

Click on any of the images above to go straight to her site.

Amanda also does custom orders and traditional neckties -  and I've ordered something special for Ross for our big day! She makes suspenders and cufflinks too! Love them all :)

Thanks Amanda!

L x

Check out Amanda's blog here!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Always dreamed of getting married in a castle?

This could be your dream come true!

Narrow Water Castle is a truly magical and romantic venue for a wedding.

Originally built in 1816, by Thomas Duff, a well known architect, it is the
 home of the Hall family who have lived at Narrow Water since 1670. The
 estate extends to over 700 acres, and is a beautiful setting, overlooking
 Carlingford Lough and the Cooley Mountains.

There are various options available for weddings:

Wedding Cermonies

The Great Hall or Vaulted Cellars can be used for wedding ceremonies
 prior to your reception. This wood panelled room is a beautiful place in
 which to exchange your wedding vows. The variety of rooms on offer makes
 this a truly spectacular and unique wedding venue.

Weddings in the Castle

The Castle can accommodate wedding receptions for up to 120 people
 in The Great Hall or The Vaulted Cellars. You may use some of the grand
 living rooms upstairs for photographic purposes; as the Hall family live in
 the castle, the living rooms can only be used at previously agreed times.

Marquee Weddings


A marquee can be erected in the gardens to accommodate larger
 weddings, from 100 – 300 people. This option provides you with the same
 level of quality food and service, while allowing you to have more of a say
 in the layout etc, as marquees can be customised to suit individual tastes
 and preferences.

So if you want your real life 'princess moment' , contact Narrow Water Castle 02837552548, or
 visit their website!