On this page i'll share and detail all the little ideas I have for our big day, and I have a lot of ideas!


One of my first ideas for our wedding, is of course, about my wedding dress! Whenever my granny showed me her wedding dress a few years ago I fell totally in love with it. It really is beautiful and unique (see my post all about it!) I would LOVE to wear it on my wedding day. However... When my granny married she had a 23 inch waist, I.... Do not...

So my idea was to perhaps incorporate or use part of my granny's dress to make my wedding dress, maybe use the material or part of the material and have it remade into something that is more my style and that will FIT! 

I spoke to my granny about her dress and she actually suggested I use her dress somehow, which was a relief because I had no idea how to bring the subject up with her! How do you ask someone "you know your wedding dress you've kept for 57 years? You mind if I cut it up??!"

However my mum, sister and dads fiancé have all cringed at the thought of me taking the dress apart... So I really don't know what to do!

By Persun
I've seen some really gorgeous dresses online, some of which are unbelievably affordable! In fact the one I really like is £107. £107!!!!!
And how cute is that??!
My little sister actually sent me a link to it and said she thought i'd look nice in it, and i'd just been looking at similar shaped ones!
It's definately got me thinking about a tea-length shape dress.

So I reeeeaally don't know what to do! :S

Trying dresses on, in somewhat unusual places....

The only dresses I've tried on so far have been in my local Oxfam shop, where I volunteered as a teen, which has a small bridal section and I think it was a good place to start!

Wedding Dress on Oxfam Bridal site

 There were lots of different styles, mostly new dresses that had been donated from bridal shops when the dresses became out of season. I seriously recommend looking for a charity shop near you that has a decent selection of wedding dresses, it means you can try things on and get an idea of shapes and styles without someone you don't know standing over you and buttoning you into things! I just went one Saturday afternoon with my mum and it was really good fun! She tried on some hilarious hats too :)

To find your local Oxfam shop or another Charity organisation that keeps a bridal rage click one of these links;

Make sure to call first as they are often by appointment only, and may be able to tell you the type of thing they have in stock.

My suggestions

  • I suggest that, like me, you try on as many different dresses as you can (I tried all I could fit into... and some I couldn't...) - this will give you a great idea of how shapes and sizes and even colours will look on you.
  • Take someone with you that you trust the opinion of, and who you won't be embarressed being in your undies (and possibly getting stuck with a too small dress over your head... like me) in front of.
  • Don't go in a hurry, take it easy, enjoy it! This will be a much more relaxed atmosphere than a bridal boutique - make the most of this!
  • Take pictures - I didn't and I really wish I had! It means you will be able to see how you really look, it can be hard to tell when you are standing in fluffy netting, white lace and diamontes! And you'll have the pics for reference later on.

 Maybe (like my sis) you turn your nose up at he thought of a charity shop, honestly, just have a look! and you never know, you might pick up a real bargain!

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