Friday, 14 June 2013

I Bought my Dress!!!

Massive news!

My little sister is home from her adventures in Africa so took her to a bridal appointment last Saturday to show her a dress I really loved, while we were there I spotted something else.... something gorgeous and beautiful and wonderful hiding on the rail... MY DRESS.

The dress I like before is forgotten, it doesn't even compare!I tried 'the' dress on and Zara and I couldn't stop smiling.

I always thought the whole 'You'll know when you see it' or 'When you know, you know' thing was a bit of a cliché but maybe not!

I think the truth is, every girl when they hear the words 'wedding dress' they have a certain image in their mind, even subconsciously, and that is 'the one'.

when I imagine a wedding dress or doodle one with out thinking, it's 'my' dress.

I know its early but I really think I know, and Sarah says if I doubt myself she'll tell me I've done the right thing very day until the wedding :)

(I will obviously share more details and pics after the wedding, a long time to wait, but I'm superstitious!)


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