Friday, 5 April 2013

Newly-wed's and bride-to-be's Q & A's!

So I have an idea...

 I know I have quite a few chums out there who have married recently - and a lot who are recently engaged or planning their weddings, I think it would be really great to write a couple of blog posts on what great insights and advice you newlyweds may have - do's don't, wish I had's and wish I hadn’ts! As well as a post on any questions any brides (or grooms) to be might have.

If you would be interested just let me know! All I would need is one or two lines from you, you can remain anonymous if you like - just think how much it will help all those planning their big day (including me) to have some realistic, honest advice!

I'm asking for advice from newly-weds and happily-married's first, so if you have some wisdom to share just comment below or post on our facebook page! You can even email or private message me if you want to stay anonymous.

Looking forward to some great advice! L xx

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  1. Claire Crawford Campbell Crawford!!30 May 2013 at 13:30

    Hi Lindzi

    Its taken me a while sorry but here goes! The main bit of advice I'd give is don't sweat the little things! Once you have the big things sorted like venue, caterers, dress (and person you are marrying!) then everything else will fall into place. Dont worry about the table centres/flowers/bridesmaids accessories/flower girls handbag (which will get chucked on the floor - believe me) - focus on the big stuff and the rest will fall into place. dont put pressure on yourself to get everything right, and use picking the small details as an optional, fun thing to do if you have time. Also, give yourself as much time as YOU need to plan a wedding - whether that be 2 months or 2 years - you'll know what type of person you are so give yourself the time. And last but most importantly - NONE of this will matter on your big day - believe me you won't give a fiddlers whether you are late for your meal, that a candle went out on your table centre, or that your dress gets dirty - you will be enjoying yourself far too much to worry about all that. And dont worry - you will never take it all in, so my final word of advice is if you can afford it - or have a lovely friend who'll do it for free - get a video done, it's great to look back on. And continue to have fun after you are married, take your marriage seriously, but dont take each other too seriously :)!!!

    From Claire xx