Thursday, 7 March 2013

Ring ring!

We got our rings!

So we went to view wedding rings on Saturday ( yes I know it's Thursday now, it's been a busy week  -  broken toe/ collapsed ceiling/ broken shower... long story, sorry lol) and we got them!

I had spotted a palladium and yellow gold ring online that immediately I thought that Ross would love, it was matt palladium (white metal) on the outer edges of the band with a polished 9 carat gold middle stripe, Unusual but not too modern. So we booked an appointment to view it in the same local jewellers where my engagement ring is from, and I was right (of course!) Ross LOVED it!

I still wasn’t sure whether I wanted a plain, traditional, yellow gold wedding band... or something a bit more sparkly J But after trying a few lots on, I ended up loving the look and feel of a slim, plain 18 carat yellow gold band.

So we ordered them!

It’s still 17 months before our wedding but the price of gold is just going up and up, so we decided to order them early and be guaranteed the frozen current price, it’s also one of the major expenses and having paid a 50% deposit when we ordered them, we feel like it’s a big thing out of the way!

That’s all for now, but I’m going to post soon about the different shapes and styles of rings, as it’s something I knew nothing about but had to make decisions on – so I want to share what I’ve learnt.

Have a great day, L x

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