Sunday, 31 August 2014

Our Wedding Cake

Ross's wonderful auntie Christine very kindly made our wedding cake, and it was AMAZING! She put so much time, care and effort in, it really was such a beautiful gift from a really lovely person. Thank you Crick! 

The bottom tier was lemon coconut, the middle tier was victoria sponge with raspberry jam and the top tier was carrot cake. The whole thing was buttercream, with cream cheese icing on the carrot cake. I might be biased, but isn't it just GORGEOUS?!

Christine and I made the sugar paste flowers together, over a few weeks. Sugarpaste dries hard and brittle, and will keep for years in the right conditions (it isn't really made to be eaten) and I managed to collect them all up after dinner so I can keep them in a little shadowbox to admire.

We made sugar peonies, anenomies, roses and daisies and used real eucalyptus. 

I will post a short tutorial on sugarflower making at a later date I think!

I really couldn't have asked for a more beautiful or perfect cake, it was exactly what I'd imagined but better and so special because I know it was made with love!

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