Friday, 22 August 2014

Chocolate Covered Pretzels - Recipe!

So, today was one of my very good friends from work's last days in our office, before she moves to London to start a new life and career. I'm very pleased for her as it's a wonderful opportunity, but I'm really going to miss her around here! 

Anyway, I bake for the office quite a lot and have done a couple of bakesales for charity too, baking for such a big office can be quite a challenge, so I sometimes stick to traybakes and easy treat. One of the easiest and most popular things I like to make is chocolate covered pretzels.

I don't actually make the pretzels, I buy them in the supermarket, I also buy the chocolate there, I just use supermarket own brand. If I'm making these for work I usually need to make at least 50 in different variations as some people don't like milk chocolate (WEIRDOS!) and some people don't like white chocolate (me!)

This really is one of the easiest recipes ever, but everyone will LOVE these.


To make 50 large chocolate covered pretzels;

Ingredients Needed

  • 3-4 bags of large salted pretzels (I only use whole pretzels so end up with all the broken bits left over to munch on myself)
  • 5 bars of milk chocolate, 
  • 5 bars of white chocolate 
  • a couple of bars of plain chocolate (mostly for decoration)
  • a couple of different kinds of sprinkles to decorate

Equipment Needed

  • kettle (for boiling water- duh)
  • medium pot (if melting chocolate on the stove)
  • 2-3 large plastic mixing bowls (if you have them, if not you can clean after each choc type is used)
  • spoon for mixing
  • fork for lifting pretzels
  • baking paper/ greaseproof paper
  • LOTS of counter/ table space to set them out on


Lay sheets of the baking/ greaseproof paper down on you counter tops or a table

Melt the chocolate either on the stove (as I always do) or in the microwave (if you are brave enough! I always burn it :( ) Once the chocolate is totally melted and runny you can start to dip the pretzels!

Dip either half of each pretzel into the chocolate or the whole thing, shake it to get off any excess and lay each one down on the baking/greaseproof paper, leaveing a little space around it so they dont stick together

once you have a sheet full, sprinkle whatever decorations you fancy over the top while the chocolate is still runny, you could also splatter lines of a different type of chocolate over them - this usually looks pretty good

just keep dipping, laying and sprinkling until you run out of pretzels, chocolate or space! then leave the pretzels to cool and dry. 

Once cool/ dry store in an airtight container, they should be ok for a couple of days but probably won't last that long, mine never do!

If you have any comments/ questions let me know below!

Hope you enjoy making them!

Bon Voyage, good luck and cheerybye Karen! ;) xx

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