Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Valentines Weekend

So this Valentines day was our 11th together. ELEVENTH!

But it was actually the first time we hadn't spent the whole day together (yes, even when we should have been in school!) But we were both off at the weekend so we celebrated more then - lots of yummy food and watching movies in front of the fire :)

I baked this cake to bring into work,
and this smaller one ust for Ross, they were chocolate with a cream cheese frosting and I hand cut the hearts from red icing.

And I put this banana in his lunch

have you ever done this to a banana? You ust score into its skin slightly with a blunt pin or pen and whatever you write will turn brown during the day without effecting the banana inside! I've been doing this to all his bananas for a couple of weeks now, it's funny :)

I also made Ross these key charms out of Shrinkles (remember those?! - so fun!)

And Ross bought me these gorgeous tulips and made me this beautiful card :)

We had our traditional steak dinner on Valentines night then made pizza's for dinner on Saturday night and an Indian on Sunday, can you tell we love food??

Hope you all had a great Valentines and weekend too! Lx

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