Sunday, 3 February 2013

Food, Food, Food!

This has been a weekend of lots of delicious food,

On Friday we took the day off work to view our reception venue officially and talk about all the details and conditions - and very importantly the menu!

We talked to the in house caterer about their standard function menu and what other options we had, we have decided that we don't really want something very traditional like a Sunday dinner (roast beef or chicken with gravy and potatoes etc.)

It’s a summer wedding so we'd rather have something fresh and tasty, we talked about the possibility of a cold buffet which seems tasty but I’m worried it will be messy and a buffet table means we'd need a certain layout in the room and I’m worried it would be less relaxed. Another possibility is having a traditional 'sit-down' meal but with a less traditional dish. So we have a lot to think about, but plenty of time to think!

That night we had Ross' parents round to our house for dinner - we enjoy cooking and really wanted to impress them so there was A LOT of cooking and cleaning that afternoon! I made chicken parmesan with a ceaser salad (with homemade croutons) and crushed spiced baby boiled potatoes and two desserts.... what? I like desserts!! :P I made bread and butter pudding and individual lemon mousses.

Then on Saturday we went to a great restaurant in Belfast that I hadn't been to before, CoCo, with some of my family. It was AMAZING the food was so chic and interesting and delicious! I had scallops with pomegranate, wood pigeon with apple mash and then Ross and I shared a vanilla and white choc cheesecake with lavender ice-cream and pistachio - every single bite was incredible!

Now it's Sunday and I’m lying here thinking about how easily I abandoned my healthy eating plan for a delicious weekend! Oh well I’ll start again on Monday :)

If you would like to see my recipe for chicken parmesan or a few of my other recipes check out my snapguides!

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  1. You're food looks sooo good!!!!