Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hot Cinnamon rolls in a freezy house

 Our heating has been off for a week now... And it's cold, we thought there was something wrong with the boiler but... We are just out of oil :'(

We've got a delivery of warmth coming on Friday but until then it's open fire and hot water bottles every night! But tonight Ross is at college and I don't see the point in lighting the fire just for me, so I decided to warm up by baking some mini cinnamon rolls!

They are sooo easy, here's how;

Get some ready rolled puff pastry - this is like one of my favourite inventions, it's so quick and versatile! You'll also need some butter, sugar and cinnamon. Preheat your oven to around 180C

Open out the pastry and butter a couple of inches of it like this - my butter was really hard (cold house) soft butter would be much easier!


Then sprinkle on around a handful of sugar over about a quarter of the pastry and cover it with cinnamon. I also used this cinnamon sugar grinder which is really cool, but just a little because its chunky!

Then gently roll the pastry up from the sugar cinnamon side, keeping the roll quite tight but not squooshing the pastry.


Roll it halfway across the cut off from the flat pastry. Repeat the process for the rest if the pastry - or freeze it for another time, but trust me, you'll wish you made more of these little guys!!

Then, using a chopping board and a good knife, cut the roll into spirals about 2cm thick.

Place your little spirals on a lined baking tray, well spaced, don't let them touch - remember it's PUFF pastry! Sprinkle more sugar and cinnamon on the top of the rolls - you will prob have some on your chopping board that fell out when you were cutting them.

Bake the rolls in the oven for 10 - 15 mins - but keep an eye on them, all ovens are different!

They are ready when they are a nice golden brown (and smelling fantastic).

Eat them warm with whipped cream or cold later on, I'm planning to take some to work tomorrow, if they last that long..... L x


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