Thursday, 3 January 2013

Damask Roses and Bumble Bees

My Granny's Wedding Dress

When I describe my granny Muriel's wedding dress it sounds so romantic, like a made up story of my perfect dress, possibly because my granny has been a major influence in my life, her stories are my memories and many of her tastes are mine too.

Muriel Brown married John (Jack) Ellis on 16th March 1957, when she was 20, he was 27, he gave her mother the money to take Muriel to buy whatever wedding dress she wanted.

 My granny says 'there were several high fashion shops in Belfast in those days.' the one she chose was Renee Meneely's on Donegall Square.

The dress

 The dress she chose was ivory brocade with a pattern of damask roses with little bumble bees perched on the petals.


 It was a sleeveless, ankle length gown with a matching high collared jacket.

She wore flowers in her hair and
carried carnations decorated with a golden horse shoe for luck.


Muriel and her sisters Betty, Joan and Hazel.

The bridesmaids, my great aunties, wore pale mediterranean blue with anemone flowers in their hair.

The ceremony took place at the Belmont Presbetarian Church and was follwed by a small reception at Cranthorpe House which is now the Park Avenue Hotel, which we considered for our reception as it has some fantastic packages, however something a wee bit closer to home suited us better.

The very happy couple received telegrams from friends and family across the globe addressed to them with their new, shared surname.
 Including this funny one from Jacks brother in law in Canada.



What a beautiful romantic day!




Hopefully ours will be just as lovely :)

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