Monday, 7 January 2013

Big News!



We've set a date!!

On Friday we heard back from the club, giving us their permission to have our reception with them and my mum went ahead and put down our names for the date we wanted.

If you are married you may remember back to the moment you first heard your wedding date confirmed; did you feel a bit dizzy and floaty like me?? It was a funny feeling!

I had a text message from my mum while I was in work letting me know and I tried to call Ross four times before my brain clicked into gear and I remembered he was in work and couldn’t answer his phone...

 this was followed by several 'CALL ME ASAP' texts from me, while my heart was beating faster than normal and images of August breezes rustling the trees in Mt. Stewart were clogging up my mind!

Finally he called and I told him our wedding date and he sounded as shell shocked as I felt, and in his usual sensible manner said 'We better get saving!'

That evening before we met his family for dinner we tried on a few wedding rings, we've been thinking about making our own but we wanted to see how different shapes, styles and metal felt, I saw a couple I really liked - I’ll dedicate a post to rings soon!

Now we just have to finalise bookings with both venues and pay the deposits and that that bit sorted.... just a million other things to do now! I spent nearly the whole weekend on pinterest making a wedding inspiration board :)

How exciting!

If you are a bride to be or just thinking about weddings and you haven’t set your date yet, you have this to look forward to! :)

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